Who we are

Eco Agro Services is an Indian firm established in 1997 specialized in plant nutrition, plant protection, and spray application technology based at Pune (India).

Eco Agro Services' sources all its products from reputed American / European Companies, leaders in their respective product segment, with dedicated R&D and 100% consistency.


    Commitment for innovation, quality and superior customer service.


    Hi-tech solutions for sustainability and profitability of farmers and stakeholders.


    Social responsibility: Being good citizens, giving back to the community and complying with regulations.

    Integrity: Building trust with customers, communities, and suppliers by doing what is right.

    Transparency: Ensuring openness, communication, and accountability in our various engagements

    Service Excellence: Building an organization through efficient service and operational excellence using ERP system for service excellence to channel partners.


    Manufacturing: Manufacturing facility is located in Pune with sophisticated precision packing line for specialty plant nutrition and eco friendly products range. We have spare capacity for toll packing.

    Distribution Channel: Distributors and dealers in the state of central and western India.


    Pioneer in,

      Introduction of very low volume Electrostatic spray equipment (ESS USA) in India in 2011 with a focus on improving quality of exportable table grapes for overseas and domestic markets.

      Disease risk management based on High-tech local weather parameters through weather station and precise irrigation management through soil sensors.

    Introduction of CARRARO FB90 (90 HP tractors from ITALY):

      To improve drainage, loosen the soil and to improve aeration within the standing table grapes orchards, an imported specialized vibratory sub-soiler was attached to tractor.

      Sub soiling to 24 inches (60 cm depth) was achieved. This experiment proved that sub soiling in alternate rows is a very important operation for improved table grapes production.