What is pH? - It is a measurement of the level of acid or alkali in an aqueous solution. pH denotes hydrogen ion concentration, and the measurement of pH is on a logarithmic scale of 0-14 in which 0-6.5 range is acidic, 6.5 -7.5 range is neutral and 7.5 and above is basic. Due to logarithmic scale 8.5 is 10 times greater than 7.5 and so on.

  • 1. Almost all pesticides work more effectively in Acidic pH. (5.5-6.5).
    2. Pesticides belonging to Organophosphate, Carbamate, & Synthetic Pyrethroids are prone to Alkaline Hydrolysis (Degradation) to become ineffective as pesticides.
    3. The speed of degradation is dependent on the pH of the solution and more Alkaline a solution, faster is its breakdown.
    4. PGR such as Ga3 also perform better in Acidic pH.


  1. Aquastab pH contains a pH indicator, which allows its use at correct dose even without use of pH paper or meter.
  2. Aquastab pH works as an acidifier, and reduces the pH of alkaline & hard water. It contains buffer to stabilize the pH and prevents reversal of pH to alkaline level after some time.
  3. Aquastab pH also sequesters salts in hard water which may interfere with pesticide molecule, especially Weedicides such as Glyphosate, 2-4-D, Atrazine, which are prone to be affected by salt content in water
  4. Aquastab pH can be used with all pesticide formulations with the exception of Copper, Sulphur, Ziram & sulfonyl urea.
  1. pH of water
  2. Type and concentration of dissolved salts

Hence, it is not possible to recommend a dose suitable for different water quality. However, as it contains a colour indicator, the farmer should observe how many ml per lit are required to get pinkish colour (about 5 pH), as given on the bottle.
Acidifiers, Buffers, and Stabilizers
  1. Density: 1.3 g/c.c.
  2. pH: 1
  3. Colour: Dark Red
  4. Form: Liquid
  1. Improves efficacy of pesticides.
  2. Increases efficiency of Ga3 for longer rachis and high quality grapes.
  3. Berry, Pedicel and Rachis remain flexible. Thus, preventing berry shattering and berry drop at harvest.
  4. Does not leave stain on fruit / vegetables.
  5. It is economical to use, due to low application dose.
Add Aquastab- pH slowly to water while stirring, till the solution changes its colour to pink-red. Then add pesticide. Do not use with any copper or acidic products.
  1. Do not use any copper or acidic material.
  2. Do not use with Sulfonyl Urea Weedicides.

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