Remedy for Potash Deficiency


  1. Chelated Water Soluble Potassium (K2O)- 10% w/w
  2. Chelating Agent- Heptagluconic Acid-100%
  3. pH - 6.5
  4. Density - 1.20 g/c.c.
  1. It increases size and weight of Fruits, Vegetables.
  2. It improves colour and Quality of Fruits, Vegetables.
  3. Imparts better shelf life.
  4. It helps in increasing Brix.
  1. Spray @2-3 ml/ per Liter, 3-4 times during ripening/maturity stage of crop at 7-15 days interval.
  2. For improving sugar content and colour of fruits we recommend application of K10 with Madhoo.
  1. Don't mix with Oils, Sulphur, Products of Alkaline reaction or Phosphoric Fertilizers.
  2. Not for Human/Medicinal use.

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