Agricultural Products


No. Products Name Description Source Downalod
1 Sea Rich 48% Ascophyllum Nodosum Brandon Product (Ireland)
North atlantic Ocean
2 Nutriamin Natural Plant Stimulant Based on Amino Acid Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
3 BREAK-THRU S240 Super Spreader & Super Penetrant Evonik, Germany
4 Aquastab pH pH correcting solution: Internationally
proven acidifier and stabilizer
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
5 Fosfonic 03020 Plant Disease Resistance Promoter,
Based On Potassium Phosphite
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
6 Humeco H25 Humic acid From Highly Oxidized
Bio‐active American Leonardite
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
7 Humeco Power WSG Humic Black Granules From Highly
Oxidized Bio‐active American Leonardite
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
8 Calbon 9% Cao + 1% Boron Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
9 Hyklass 100% Natural Organic Extract from
Olive Fruits
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
10 Madhoo Bio activator, Advance Ripening, Increases
Sugar and Pulp Content
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
11 K 10 Heptagluconic Acid Chelated,
Remedy for Potash Uptake
Cam Ferti,S.L. Spain
12 Nutrimag Carboxylic Acid Chelated, Remedy for
Magnesium Deficiency
Carbotecnia, Spain
13 Microfol Comby Chelated Micronutrient Mixture Cam Ferti, S.L. Spain
14 EcoFer SP Fe-EDDHA: 6% BASF (UK)
15 NutriFer Fe-DTPA: 7% BASF (UK)

Agricultural Equipments

Products Name Catalogue Technical Manual - English Technical Manual - Marathi
ESS 80SR14
Mountain Man
Wind Speed Meter
Weather Station iMetos