Manufactured from Highly oxidized bio-active American Leonardite

    Product Description & Appearance:Water Soluble Black Granules


Total Humic Extract: - 65% (w/w)

  1. Humic Acid: 60% (w/w)
  2. Fulvic Acid:- 5% (w/w)
  3. K2O: 8% (w/w)
  4. pH: 9-10
  5. Water Solubility: 100% (slowly add to tank with continuous stirring)
  1. Improved soil structure, increased friability, water holding capacity and penetration of water.
  2. Protection from high sodium and pH –fluctuations-Humic acid is natural buffering agent.
  3. Increased CEC, for better retention of nutrients.
  4. The stabilization of phosphate: unlocking existing, tied up reserves and reducing the "Lockup" rate of applied phosphate.
  5. Long life Nitrogen-Urea, for example, will perform for 60 to 80 days longer
  6. Chelation and complexing of applied fertilizer.
  7. Increased permeability of plant membranes- Facilitating increased nutrient uptake via roots and foliage.
  8. Promotes prolific root development, stronger, faster growing plants.
  9. Improved sugar contents of fruits and vegetables.
  10. Natural chelating capacity: Humeco Power increases the plant availability of all elements.
  11. Improved enzyme production-Plant enzymes are stimulated to produce more rapid growth.
  12. Improved seed germination rate and germination time.
  13. Increased aeration-Root development is improved accordingly.
To prevent sodium damage: use 500 gm Humeco Power per irrigation

Vegetables: 1-2 Kg/acre @1 Kg at planting and 1Kg after one month with fertilizer application.

Cereals: 1Kg at planting and 1Kg along with each application of fertilizer.

Fruits: 10Kg/year in 2-3 splits as per fruiting and vegetative cycles along with fertilizer dosages.

Ornamental/Flowers: 1Kg /acre per month.

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